Aug 192010

Source: La Via Campesina

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We find that our work to build a better food system in the Unites States is inextricably linked to the struggle for workers’ rights, immigrant’s rights, women’s rights, the fight to dismantle racism in our communities, and the struggle for sovereignty in indigenous communities. We find that in order to create a better food system, we must break up the corporate control of our seeds, land, water and natural resources….

 We demand a world in which everyone has control over their food and no one has to put food in their mouth that hurts people or the environment.

Organizations and individuals among us have therefore committed to the following actions:

  • Launching a campaign for food sovereignty as a right of the people
  • Growing and harvesting as much food as we possibly can everywhere
  • Liberating land through reclaiming urban and rural spaces for the production of food for communities; demanding the use of public lands for food production
  • Participating in a global campaign against land grabs, in which corporations and governments grab up the lands of communities
  • Carrying forward the people’s agenda coming out of the Cochabamba climate summit — including popular education around food and climate justice and promoting sustainable agriculture as a solution to climate change
  • Standing with the people of Haiti, Palestine, Honduras, and other countries whose food sovereignty is threatened by political, military, and/or corporate occupation
  • Hosting collective meals in our communities as a way of connecting people across generations and cultural backgrounds and as a tool for dismantling racism in the food system
  • Forging new models of collective control of land and waterways; assuring legal protection of the commons
  • Building the leadership of the next generation; providing opportunities for urban and rural youth to have a future in food and farming
  • Rejecting GMOs and other forms of the corporate takeover of our food systems
  • Creatively and strategically working to dismantle the corporations who have hijacked the world’s food systems
  • Affirming the sovereignty of indigenous peoples in North America and throughout the globe
  • Committing our food movements in the US to be active participants in the global movement for food sovereignty and to work to stop our government and corporations from practices that undermine food sovereignty globally.
  • Challenging US food and agricultural aid and development policy (e.g., Monsanto and USAID’s recent “donation” of seeds to Haiti)
  • Working towards a people’s food and farm bill based on principles of food sovereignty
  • Hosting community seed exchanges
  • Engaging communities in popular education on GMOs and the role of corporations in our food system
  • Engaging communities in popular education on community nutrition and public health
  • Creating more community farmers markets that are accessible and affordable to all; affirming everyone’s right to food that is good, safe, healthy, and fair
  • Helping everyone understand where their food comes from and who helped bring it to their table
  • Highlighting the common struggles between farmers and farmworkers in theUS and their counterparts throughout the world
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