Oct 182010

“Our children discriminate against us because we don’t know how to read… professionals have diplomas… but why can’t those of us who work the land feel like professionals?… I should feel like a professional because I know how to tend the cattle…I tell my sisters that they should feel like professionals even if they don’t have a certificate”
Consorcia Santos /executive from the San Luís Pampa market

Created and directed by the Fundación Colectivo Cabildeo, this learning initiative is intended to strengthen the leadership of indigenous and poor women belonging to social organizations from La Paz and El Alto. The project is directed towards peri-urban areas where migration, poverty, and interculturality coexist and where structural discrimination and gender subordination are prevalent . The project offers spaces for participatory reflection and dialogue among women from different ethnic and cultural backgrounds. Democratic and participatory principles are the basis for conversations and discussions around the need for de-colonizing and de-patriarchalizing political practices and knowledges. Women thoughtfully engage in discussions around issues relating to their everyday lives.

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