Oct 182010

The path we have chosen is not an easy one: indigenous and peasant women have been historically doubly excluded (as women and as ethnic minorities). The process of acquiring their own voice, expressing their opinion, exercising their citizenship, and defending their interests, breaks away from deeply rooted systems and questions the interests and practices of dominant groups. Not surprisingly, there have been difficulties…


Yachay Chhalku is an organization that works for the empowerment of peasant-indigenous women’s organizations. The “gender and territorial equality in municipal processes initiative” was developed with the objective of including the perceptive of peasant-indigenous women in community processes and municipal budgetary planning. The initiative provided support for established women’s organizations and for rural women who were in the process of organizing. It also encouraged the formation of leaders through workshops, exchanges, and programs, and promoted the participation of women leaders in decision-making at the community and municipal levels. The participation of women has led to significant structural changes.
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