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We declare and denounce that agribusiness and the inherent logic of production of foods oriented towards the market and not for the right to food, is one of the main causes of climate change through changes in the use of land (deforestation and the expansion of the agricultural frontier), monocrops, the excessive use of products derived from the petrochemical industry, food processing, and all the logistic involved in the transportation of food towards the consumer and also through the model of society, economy and culture of production and consumption
Pre conference of Bolivian indigenous peoples and social organizations on climate change and the rights of Mother Earth

 Guiding questions

  •  What is the difference between food security and food sovereignty?
  • What are some of the structural causes of the global food crisis?
  • How does climate change and the expansion of capitalist enterprises (agrofuels and monoculture projects) relate to global food shortages?
  • What are ‘land grabs’ and what are the political, social and economic implications of ‘land grabs’ for poorer countries?
  • What are some of solutions to the food crisis being proposed by grassroots political actors?

People’s Declarations 

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