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 Free access to the Journal of Peasant Studies, Volume 37 Issue 4 2010
 Authors: Saturnino M. Borras Jr. –

 This collection comes out of the workshop on the same theme held in October 2009 in Halifax, Canada, sponsored by the Journal of Peasant Studies and Initiatives in Critical Agrarian Studies (ICAS). We thank all the workshop participants, with special mention to Diamantino Nhampossa of Uni o Nacional de Camponeses Mo ambique (UNAC) and Via Campesina-Africa, for their participation, and the Canada Research Chairs Program, International Development Studies (IDS) Program at Saint Mary’s University, and the Inter-Church Organization for Development Cooperation (ICCO) through ICAS for financial assistance. We also thank all the scholars who peer-reviewed the papers, but for obvious reasons have to remain anonymous.; Philip McMichael; Ian Scoones


Original Articles

The politics of biofuels, land and agrarian change: editors’ introduction
Saturnino M. Borras Jr.; Philip McMichael; Ian Scoones
Pages 575 – 592

 Agrofuels capitalism: a view from political economy
Ben White; Anirban Dasgupta
Pages 593 – 607

Agrofuels in the food regime
Philip McMichael
Pages 609 – 629

Forests, food, and fuel in the tropics: the uneven social and ecological consequences of the emerging political economy of biofuels
Peter Dauvergne; Kate J. Neville
Pages 631 – 660

Assumptions in the European Union biofuels policy: frictions with experiences in Germany, Brazil and Mozambique
Jennifer Franco; Les Levidow; David Fig; Lucia Goldfarb; Mireille Hönicke; Maria Luisa Mendonça
Pages 661 – 698

Power is sweet: sugarcane in the global ethanol assemblage
Gail Hollander
Pages 699 – 721

Fields of dreams: negotiating an ethanol agenda in the Midwest United States
Sean Gillon

Biofuels in Brazil: debates and impacts
John Wilkinson; Selena Herrera
Pages 749 – 768

Biofuel, dairy production and beef in Brazil: competing claims on land use in São Paulo state
Andre Novo; Kees Jansen; Maja Slingerland; Ken Giller
Pages 769 – 792

Processes of inclusion and adverse incorporation: oil palm and agrarian change in Sumatra, Indonesia
John F. McCarthy
Pages 821 – 850

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