How we began


This project began in September 2004 with support from International Development Research Centre (IDRC), Canada. The specific goal of the project is to build a repository of women’s experiences, initiatives, visions in different locations and situations, in particular those that are marginalized. The broader conceptual goal is to arrive at a deeper understanding of how notions such as ‘gender’, ‘development’ ‘ empowerment’, ‘change’, ‘tranformation’, ‘solidarity’ etc. are embodied in lived social relations and struggles in which people take part. To whatever extent possible, we have collected these stories through our interactions with the organizations involved. As such, we have tried to make available their own material through which they would like to represent themselves to the world – as well as our own reflections. Our hope is that this process will stimulate the production of new, and more participatory, forms of knowledge and help dissolve the sharp divide that currently exists between academic and ‘practical’ knowledge.

Along with ‘stories’ you will also find various publications on issues and themes related to women and gender. Again, they are drawn from different parts of the world, with an aim to bring together ‘academic’ work with other types of work arising from sites other than academia. These publications are archived on our electronic gateway the Human Development Resource Net (HDRNet). HDRNet is supported by various patners, in particular the ART-Universitas of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP). At present we are also collaborating with CEBEM, Bolivia to extend this project through the development of online courses.

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