Our teaching resource


This is a teaching resource developed with the materials collected as part of our project. It is intended to assist those who are interested in developing courses or training material in the area of gender and development, defined broadly.

The main goal of this resource is to present scholarship that is produced in the South, especially those that are not easily available in the literature. This is not a stand-alone tool, but can be used to identify material that can supplement the literature that is more commonly used in teaching. We have tried to indicate some broad themes, suggested focus questions, learning objectives and illustrative reading materials. As an example of how the material can be used for university teaching in a classroom in the “North”, we have developed a sample course (available upon request).

There are many challenges in teaching such a course, the most commonly identified one being that of language and the excessive costs of translation. However, it is often the case in our classrooms that students know many different languages (and have knowledge of other contexts) but do not necessarily get the opportunity to use those skills in a typical classroom setting. It is our hope that at the very least the resources presented here will stimulate some collective use and exchange of skills. Our overall emphasis here has been to identify the thinking about gender, and gender-related teaching and practice are taking place in the South at this point in time. A second emphasis was to see how women outside the academia are thinking – and indeed acting – on these issues. To Table of contents

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