Nov 092010

Photo Essay by MIMUNDO.ORG   On a historic day, residents from the municipality of Santa Cruz del Quiché – one of Guatemala’s most important hubs and the birthplace of the Maya K’iche’ people – unanimously rejected the exploitation of natural goods and resources, in particular through mining and hydroelectric activities. “Due to the lack of […]

Oct 272010

Source: Informed Comment By Juan R. I. Cole Here are carbon dioxide emissions per capita by country, calculated from data at the US Department of Energy’s Carbon Dioxide Information Analysis Center (CDIAC): and here is the new Maplecroft estimation of the countries most likely to be adversely affected by climate change, as reported by WaPo’s […]

Oct 212010

Source: The Real News  Video: Inside Story – Behind The Latest Food Crisis By Al Jazeera Food prices soar to record levels worldwide while the World Food Security Committee is meeting in Rome to discuss the crisis. Are there winners and losers in the current food crisis? What can the international community do about it […]

Oct 122010

Este informe especial por Noticias Aliadas contiene los siguientes articulos  “Agricultura y ganadería a gran escala afectan equilibrio ecológico: Modelo de producción expansivo no toma en cuenta los impactos ambientales y sociales que provoca” Por Andrés Gaudin “Cambio climático golpea un recurso escaso: el agua Fuentes de recursos hídricos están siendo alteradas en región andina, […]

Oct 122010

This dossier on Climate Climate, published by Latinamerica Press includes the following articles: “Farming takes environmental toll: Expanding industry fails to take environmental damage into account.” By Andrés Gaudin in Buenos Aires “Higher temperatures spell trouble: Urgent measures needed to mitigate effects of rapid glacier melt” By Milagros Salazar in Lima “Warming’s unavoidable consequences: Less […]

Oct 092010

The terms “environmental migrants,” “environmental refugees” and “climate change refugees” are relatively new. Although there is much debate on the meanings and particularities of these terms, their emergence points to the number of people that have been displaced as a consequence of environmental destruction. Some of the experiences and daily struggles of environmentally displaced people […]

Sep 062010

Source: Via Campesina In Maputo, Mozambique, on the occasion of the international seminar on building alliances for food sovereignty and against violence towards women held in Maputo from July 26 to 29, La Via Campesina worked together with World March of Women (WMW), Friends of the Earth Intenational (FoEI) and women of the countryside from Asia […]

Sep 062010

Extracto de America Latina, La Transgénesis de un Continente: Visión Critica de una Expansión Descontrolada Miguel A. Altieri Sociedad Científica Latino Americana de Agroecología (SOCLA), Tal como en Estados Unidos, los promotores de la biotecnología agrícola en América Latina aseguran que los cultivos producidos por ingeniería genética impulsarán la agricultura lejos de la dependencia […]

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