Oct 212010

Source: The Real News  Video: Inside Story – Behind The Latest Food Crisis By Al Jazeera Food prices soar to record levels worldwide while the World Food Security Committee is meeting in Rome to discuss the crisis. Are there winners and losers in the current food crisis? What can the international community do about it […]

Sep 062010

Video: En Tierra de Otros. Derecho al Territorio y Agrocombustibles en Colombia  “La producción de los agrocombustibles tiene varias caras que hay que analizar en su conjunto. Especialmente para las grandes potencias y empresas representa una buena alternativa para producir etanol y agrodiesel desde fuentes vegetales, pero vale la pena preguntarse: ¿Qué sucede con aquellas […]

Aug 192010

Video: Amazonia For Sale By the Organisation for the Development of the Border Communities of Cenepa (ODECOFROC), International Work Group for Indigenous Affairs (IWGIA), and ORE www.oremedia.org “The Awajun people have inhabited the Amazon rainforest since time immemorial, living in harmony with – and respectful of – nature. This ecological balance is now being threatened […]

Jun 232010

Short Documental: The Kamburu Story By Green TV “The Kamburu Story – A Community-led Response to Climate Change shares the experience of The Gaia Foundation’s Kenyan partner, The Institute of Culture & Ecology, as they work with the Kamburu community of central Kenya. This story shows the courageous steps of the community as they re-learn […]

Jun 092010

Excerpt from Fields of Peril: Child labor in US agriculture By Human Rights Watch Related video below Full document here Summary and recommendations here   Hundreds of thousands of children under age 18 are working in agriculture in the United states. Under a double standard in Us federal law, children can toil in the fields […]

May 192010

Growing Influence: Agricultural Innovations Serving Rural Women is a 10-minute documentary produced by African Women in Agricultural Research and Development (AWARD) Three stories from AWARD Fellows (Victoria Ndolo of Malawi, Carolyn Tyhra Kumasi of Ghana and Sarah Mubiru of Uganda) whose scientific research is directly helping smallholder farmers improve their livelihoods. 

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