Nov 132010

Excerpt from the Executive Summary Download the full report from here. Written by Anja K. Franck & Andrea Spehar Published by Women in Development Europe (WIDE) Migration is an integral part of today’s process of global economic, social and political integration. Nowadays, no country in the world is unaffected by migration. While migration to OECD […]

Nov 132010

 Extracto del Resumen Ejecutivo  Autores Anja K. Franck y Andrea Spehar Publicado por: WIDE La migración es una parte integral del proceso actual de integración global a nivel económico, social y político. Hoy en día no hay país en el mundo que no se vea afectado por la migración. Aunque la migración hacia los países […]

Feb 102010

Beirut, February 2010 : Female migrants, for developing countries like Madagascar and Nepal, are becoming the main export as the labour market demand for a new form of modern-day slavery – domestic servitude – increases in the Middle East. “The share of women migrating for employment rather than family reasons hasincreased over time,” says Maurice […]

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