Nov 092010

Photo Essay by MIMUNDO.ORG   On a historic day, residents from the municipality of Santa Cruz del Quiché – one of Guatemala’s most important hubs and the birthplace of the Maya K’iche’ people – unanimously rejected the exploitation of natural goods and resources, in particular through mining and hydroelectric activities. “Due to the lack of […]

Jul 292010

Excerpt from Gender Toolkit for International  Finance-Watchers  Produced by: Gender Action Anna Rooke, Programs Coordinator Mande Limbu, Programs Director Full document here “After the mining operations started, our village started getting destroyed. Today ground water has dried up, the forests have been cut down and so we are fighting for our lands” (RIMM 2004). During […]

Jun 022010

Source: Women on the March  No shining legacy: Women start organising against gold mining in Thailand The lush green rice paddies, vegetable fields, forested mountains and quiet villages in the Wangsaphung district of the Loei province of North-Eastern Thailand could be an oasis of rural tranquility, with clean air to breathe, fresh vegetables and fruit to […]

Jun 022010

Fuente: Women on the March Una herencia nada brillante: las mujeres comienzan a organizarse contra la minería de oro en Tailandia Los exuberantes arrozales verdes, los cultivos de vegetales, las montañas boscosas y las tranquilas aldeas del distrito de Wangsaphung de la provincia de Loei, al nordeste de Tailandia, podrían ser un oasis de tranquilidad rural, […]

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