Nov 212010

Fuente: Grupo Semillas  Protegiendo a su Comunidad Contra las Empresas Mineras y Otras Industrias Extractivas: Una Guía para Promotores/Activistas Comunitarios Por Carlos Zorrilla, Arden Buck, Paula Palmer  Documento Completo aquí  Esta guía describe aspectos del proceso minero, los peligros que usted y su comunidad enfrentan cuando las empresas mineras buscan operar en su comunidad, y […]

Jun 022010

Excerpt from Women, communities and mining: The gender impacts of mining and the role of gender impact assessment By Oxfam Australia The impacts of mining operations are not gender neutral. Women can experience the direct and indirect consequences of mining operations in different, and often more pronounced, ways than men. The particular experiences of women […]

Jun 022010

Excerpt from Mining and Women in Asia: Experiences of women protecting their communities and human rights against corporate mining By the Asia Pacific Forum on Women, Law and Development “For an indigenous woman who depends on land for survival, she cannot be immune from the issue of large corporate mining. A peasant woman cannot be […]

May 252010

Excerpts from India’s Childhood in the “Pits”: A Report on the Impacts of Mining on Children in India Published by: Dhaatri Resource Centre for Women and Children-Samata, Visakhapatnam HAQ: Centre for Child Rights, New Delhi In partnership with: mines, minerals & PEOPLE Supported by: Terre des Hommes Germany, AEI & ASTM Luxembourg. Mining has, throughout […]

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