Nov 092010

Photo Essay by MIMUNDO.ORG   On a historic day, residents from the municipality of Santa Cruz del Quiché – one of Guatemala’s most important hubs and the birthplace of the Maya K’iche’ people – unanimously rejected the exploitation of natural goods and resources, in particular through mining and hydroelectric activities. “Due to the lack of […]

Nov 082010

Source: Amnesty International Carmen Mejia’s life is at risk because she has dared to speak out about a controversial gold mine and the impacts that local people have encountered to their health and environment. Carmen Mejía works courageously to defend the human rights of marginalized Mayan communities in Guatemala. Her life is at risk because […]

Sep 012010

Source: International Federation for Human Rights The International Federation for Human Rights (FIDH) is pleased to announce the publication Corporate Accountability for Human Rights Abuses: A Guide for Victims and NGOs on Recourse Mechanisms. Full document here In all parts of the world, human rights and environmental abuses are taking place as a result of […]

Aug 242010

Video by Insight This film was created by members of various indigenous communities in the Cordillera region of the Philippines, during a Participatory Video project facilitated by Insight. This is one of several films made by indigenous communities around the world as they track the local impacts of climate change. For more information please visit […]

Aug 182010

Source: Governing Activism and Politics in Latin America Activists in Cerro de San Pedro, Mexico, blocked a highly unpopular gold mine on July 22 that continues to operate despite government orders to desist. Activists announced that if the Canadian company, New Gold Inc., and its subsidiary, Mineria San Xavier, continue their illegal operations, there would […]

Jul 292010

Excerpt from Gender Toolkit for International  Finance-Watchers  Produced by: Gender Action Anna Rooke, Programs Coordinator Mande Limbu, Programs Director Full document here “After the mining operations started, our village started getting destroyed. Today ground water has dried up, the forests have been cut down and so we are fighting for our lands” (RIMM 2004). During […]

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