Mar 082010

This photo by Calcutta photojournalist Sudipto Das captures rural women in West Bengal  taking part in a traditional boat race that is otherwise dominated by men. The photo was the winning entry in a competition by WACC* in 2009. Titled ‘challenging gender stereotypes’, the competition invited submissions on photos that portray women or men in […]

Feb 182010

“The purpose of this meeting is to table all the problems that women face without men silencing us. All the problems to be brought forward include those we face while serving in the committees”

Feb 162010

“Ninguna mujer debe ser despojada de su dignidad a cambio de alimentar a su familia”, Proyecto de Bandanas El ‘Proyecto de Bandanas‘, fundado por  Mónica Ramírez, dentro del  Southern Poverty Law Center en Atlanta,  intenta  sensibilizar sobre la explotación y acoso sexual que suelen enfrentar las trabajadoras agrícolas en los EE.UU.  Las trabajadoras en el […]

Feb 102010

Beirut, February 2010 : Female migrants, for developing countries like Madagascar and Nepal, are becoming the main export as the labour market demand for a new form of modern-day slavery – domestic servitude – increases in the Middle East. “The share of women migrating for employment rather than family reasons hasincreased over time,” says Maurice […]

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